Take me to the church – Hozier

Đây là bài hát do Hozier  sáng tác và đã được trình làng 2 năm trước khi nổi tiếng toàn thế giới trong buổi trình diễn tại Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2015. Bài hát gây tiếng vang lớn, với nội dung bài hát nghiêm túc về vấn đề tôn giáo và đồng tính.


Ellie Goulding đã cover bản này. Đươc đánh giá là quá “vui tươi” so với bản gốc. 

[+139] Persona100Duh I love Ellie’s voice, and I love Hozier’s voice. Here’s the thing: I’m gonna give credit where credit is due. For what this song is, it’s a good cover, and a hell of a lot better than other voices that have attempted to do it. Take Me To Church is a powerful, sonorous song. It’s not easy to sing, whether for fun or for real. Ellie, I think, did a great rendition of the song and showed her point of view of it through her style.  Some comments think this sounds “happy”, but I find it to be more melancholic than her other songs (I’ve never thought her music sounds happy though). The rhythm is great, I enjoy the finger snapping sounds, and it’s almost surreal, dreamlike, where Hozier’s was grave, because he was showing the reality of the situation. Where Hozier is saying “Here is our life, this is what we face.”, Ellie is saying, “Here is our life, but it doesn’t have to be real.” So it’s sad, but it’s hopeful, a whisper when compared to the boom of the original. I thought it was an interesting contrast from Hozier’s because of this–a woman hoping to a man’s pessimism (which tends to be that way, oddly enough), or a child’s wishful thinking to an adult’s harsh mindset. In a way, Ellie’s character is sort of lying to herself because she doesn’t want to admit that something is wrong. Hozier would not approve, Miss Ellie. Oh, and I also appreciate Ellie didn’t change the ‘she’ to ‘he’ like some might. Little nod there. Personally, I’m impressed with it. Do I still prefer the original? Yes. Are there covers of this I enjoy? Yes–the instrumental ones, I highly recommend. But for covers involving actual vocals? This one wins for me. It’s Ellie wanting to try something, giving it her best, and for what she created, it’s lovely.

[+148] Agus Cesio I don’t like it. I feel like this version is too happy for a song as sad as this one. Like the lyrics don’t match with the music. Anyone else?

[+321] Carmen Machin This makes me really uncomfortable and I’m not really sure why…

  • [+122] Fisheater05 You’re too used to the original that’s why.
  • [+34] Agus Cesio This version of the song is too happy for a song as serious and sad as this one
  • [+9] tedrick armstrong This song is blasphemous. That’s why.
  • [+36] Ransom Hades Blasphemous? It’s exposing the church for what it is, a fucking corrupt disease run by hypocritical cunts

[+739] Djole90 Breathtaking. I love her voice ❤


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