Target Toeic 2nd _ Những câu làm sai

Target toeic 2nd_ Test 3

109. The shipment will not get ….. on time because two trucks are out of order.
A. over
B. out
C. by
D. to

111. This year, production is …………. to a slow start; only five vehicles are manufactured each hour.
A. on
B. in
C. off
D. through

Target toeic 2nd_ Test 2

………. we concede that the union does have a point, it is impossible for us to meet the member’s demands
A. During
B. Having
C. While
D. As

Be sure …….. all stationery orders by 3 p.m on Fridays
A. place
B. placing
C. to place
D. placed

He has to finish the meeting and get to the airport ……. 6p.m
A. to
B. on
C. until
D. by

The holiday shopping season has begun and ………… one thing is clear: people are not spending as mich as in past years.
A. actual
B. also
C. for
D. already

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