Vol 01 Ch 002: Fixer

Vol 01 Ch 002: Fixer

Takaba: Would you like a glass of champagne? Chatter … Chatter

(Takaba: It’s a political organization party, but the members are definitely different… The elections are close. This must be their desparate move to gather donations.)

Woman 1: I’ll have a glass.

Takaba: Uh… yes, ma’am.

(Takaba: Phew… The things I do for a story. Maybe I shouldn’t go into the waiter bussiness…)

Asami:  I’ll take one. Swoop…

Takaba: Yes, sir. Please help yourself. (Asami…!? Wha—what ‘s he doing here!?)

Asami: So you’ve had to resort to a partime job to support yourself?  Takaba Akihito.

Takaba: !… (I have feeling he was making fun of me…! I’ll get pictures of him yet! That bastard!) Grr…

Asami Ryouichi… we met on my very first scoop as an undercover reporter. It’s because of all the horrible things he did to me back then that makes my skin crawl when I think about him. All those horrible memories.

(That was a while ago! I don’t need his mind games!)

Man 1: Hey! Tabaka-kun!! Could you do me a favor and take out the garbage?

Man 2: Out of my way!!

Takaba: Woah! Jeez! Watch where you’re going!! Plop

Oh! My camera! Is it still okay!?

Police! Over here! (Good thing I bought the flash camera)
Hey Mist—err, sir. Are you alright?

Man 2: Ergh… Please (Please take that to the Shinjuku night club, “Shion”. To Asami…  he was supposed to be here today…)

Takaba: Asami again… ( I didn’t tell the police about this M.O… but hey took my film! I know it’s never a good thing when Asami’s involved. What do I do…?)

Gratter… Gratter

Man 3: What do we do? …the disk wasn’t there when we dealt with that rat. Now we’ll…

Man 4: Cool it. We can still get it back… He said he gave it to one of the hotel employees. Do you remember what that waiter looked like?

Man 3: Nah…

Asami: Look like we were too late.

Guard: Excuse me?

Asami: We’re leaving.

Guard: Y- yes sir!

Nusre: Call the doctor! Hurry!

Takaba: Asami, got it? Asami! I told you I’ve got important business with him! If he’s not here, then tell me where he is! Hey! Are you listening!?

Ack! Alright! Alright! I’ll calm down! Ouch!

Kirishima: This is no place for a kid. Get out of here.

Takaba: But I have to talk with Asami! Don’t go crying to me when you get fired!

Guard: Damn strays.

Takaba: Ah, fuck it! Forget it, I’m trashin’ the damn thing. It has nothing to do with me anyway!

(This all just sort of landed on my lap anyway…)

Don’t mess with a journalist. I know where that bastard lives! Although I’ve never been there…

Man 5: We’ve been searching for you.

The other day, we were not very courteous to you. The boss is waiting for you. Please get in.

Takaba: Thanks, but no thanks. I’m done getting involved.

Man 5: I must insist… I was ordered to bring you no matter what.

Takaba: I said forget it!

Man 5: This is very urgent business.

Takaba: It you have business, then go to them directly.

Man 5: You must forgive me but we’re short on time…

Takaba: Are you really one of Asami’s lackies? You seem differrent from the others…

Man 5 : You know what you must do, no way (沒辦法 Méi bànfǎ)

Takaba: Damn you! Let me go! Who are you guys!?

Man 6: Ho-ho. The boy’s got a lot of spunk in him.

Man 5: He’s got quite a temper, so keep your distance.

(Takaba: Dammit…What the hell are they saying? It ‘s not Japanese… and what is this place…?)

Man 6: Where is the disk you were places in charge of? It was stolen from the family, and we’d like to have it back.

Takaba: I told you! I don’t know! And you’ve got a lot of guts doing this to me— !! Aah…

Man 6: We’re talking about the dick the man at the hotel gave you. Our family’s reputation was tarnished when the data we’d worked so hard to gather was snatched from beneath our very noses. We’ll do anything to get it back. Don’t try anything funny, and you might get out of this alive.

(Takaba: Is this the Chinese mafia? I think I’ve gotten myself mixed up in something big.)

Takaba: I was given the disk, but I don’t have it anymore. I couldn’t meet with the guy I was supposed to. So I threw it away.

Man 6: You lie! Are you asking for death!?

Feilong: What is all the commotion about? Kidnaping that child is a greater than a leakage of classified information. Stop your antics. Must you continue bringing shame to the family?

Man 6: Fei Laoban!!

Feilong: So… have you retrieved the disk yet?

Man 6: Y-yes, sir. I was just asking him now…

Feilong: Remember your place, please.

Did you really throw away the disk?

Takaba: I thought it was too dangerous to hang onto. But it looks like it’s too late  anyway.

Feilong: But if you really work for Asami… Then I can’t believe you so easily.

Takaba: W-who the hell would work for… Ah! Grab… Twitch

Feilong: You’re Japanese, huh? You have very fine skin. I think I’ll just play with you until  you feeling like talking.

Takaba: !… Wha…

Kirishima: They say that Takaba is definitely in possession of the disk. It wasn’t at his place, so… this could take some time, sir. He may just be a kid, but if we stir things up at the club people might start to notice…

Takaba: Ugh!

Feilong: Your body knows the touch of a man… I though you’d be too young too be one of Asami’s subordinates. Aah, you must be his… now this could get interesting.

Takaba: You’re wrong! It’s not like that!

Feilong: Haha maybe I should just slice out your organs and ship them to his house. Or perhaps I could mess up that pretty face of yours to really get to him.

Takaba: Oh my. I simply can’t make up my mind. How many time do I have to tell you? …It’s not like that… All I know is, both you and Asami are nothing but filthy, perverted, bastards!

Feilong: You’re no different from us. Look at the way you swallow me right up.

Takaba: !… Aah!… Nngh!… Ugh…

Feilong: He gave me this bullet wound on my chest, as well. I think of him whenever the wound aches it makes me want to take away everything of importance to him…

(Takaba: I feel strange… there must’ve been something in that tabaco… My head hurts…)

Nn… (what the…? What’s all that noise?…)

Asami: Hey. Time to rise and shine. We’re going home. Gasp… Hurry it up. I’m busy. What do you want me to do? Fuu…

Takaba: !!… Why… why didn’t you come here?… I already gave you the MO

Asami: Right. The MO… grin

Takaba: Hey! Put me down! I can walk! I-I’m not kidding! Put me down, you murderer!

Asami: Cool it. Take a good look. They’re not dead. You’ve got to be out of your mind.

Takaba: I don’t need a ride! I’ll go home myself!

Asami: You’re going to ride a train looking like that?

Takaba: I’m walking home, asshole!… Bang… bang… bang… !?

Asami: Feilon!…

You’re dirty. Clean yourself up. Bump… Hey… tug… But just what was the big deal… You’ve bone a pretty good job so far. About erasing the information on that disk, hm?

Takaba: …! Uh… It was e-erased? That’s funny…

Asami: Are you trying to trick me, Takaba? That’ll cost you.

Takaba: A-asami!… wait… s-stop it! You said I was dirty, didn’t you? Hand off!

Asami: Did you think I just was just going to let you go that easily? Slip… I’ll clean all the places he dirtied you.

Takaba: Nn!… Mmph!… Ah! S-shit… that hurts…! Haa… Thrust… drip

Asami: You’re really something, taking all those wounds when he raped you.

Takaba: You’re just the same as him. Even if I said I didn’t want it, you’d… Flip… !… bing… Ah…

Asami: Don’t get the wrong idea, kid. I just don’t like other people touching my things. T’ve taken back what belongs to me. And in this world, I hold your freedom in my hand.

Takaba: H-how dare you say that…! I… I’ll never be… ah… aah!…nn! … ah! Thrust… thrust… ah!… ah!… nn… twitch… twitch…

Asami: I am… the only one you will ever have. You should cry, knowing you belong only to me.

(You should know it only gets more dangerous the farther you go down the rabbit hole.)

So, he got away… (He just keeps bouncing back… but that just means I can look forward tracking him down again.)

Vol 000 Ch 001.2: Takaba Akihito’s Graceful Summer Holiday

Kirishima: …And as for the dinner meeting at 7 tonight, they have an issue and wish to reschedule it for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, you have a meeting with Mr.—-… Do you wish to cancel one of them?

Asami: Reschedule the dinner meeting to the following day. It’s just hanging out with an old geezer and listening to his stupid stories.

Kirishima: …Well, you schedule for the following day is open, but…

…still, you haven’t taken a day off these past few months, Asami-sama..

Asami: It doesn’t matter. Have them reschedule it.

Kirishima: …Uhm…

Asami: What? Is there something else?

Kirishima: Actually there are this many reports which I need you to look over… drop

Asami: …Is this all that you’ve been hiding?

Kirishima: Yes, this is everything.

Asami: …by the way… what’s he up to lately…?

Takaba: Welcome! Two soft-serve ice creams, right?

The girls: Wow ~! You’re a photographer? You’re not a waiter here?

Takaba: I’m just helping out my friend’s grandmother. By the way can I take your picture?

The girls: Hmm? Sure. Oh yeah, there’s a grand opening party for this new hotel that nearly. A lot of famous people will be there. I’ll give you an invitation. So why don’t you go?

Takaba: Huh? Seriously? Does that take mean it’s okay to take pictures? Can I take a friend?

Kou: Hey, Akihito! It’s the fireworks festival tonight, so we’ll be busy!

A single invatation received at the beach…

…However, that was a trap that would lead him to darkness.

The party.

Takaba: W…why is he here?! Come to see the firework? U..Uhm…

The kid: Can I have a balloon?

(Takaba: Asami…so far it doesn’t seem like he’s making any move… actually what the heck is he doing?

Geez, it’s hot… I’m hungry too… and the kids are noisy

I gotta go back soon, but…

…I’m curious about why Asami’s in a place like this!!

I’m not going back until I find out what he’s up to…)

Asami: Hey… wasn’t there a guy in a strange looking stuffed suit there?

Kirishima: …Huh? Stuffed suit…?

The kids: Hmmm oh! He’s over there

Takaba: !! NN… Huh…? Uh, Uwaaaaaa!? gets up… dizzy…!! fall back

Asami: It’s just dehydration. Drink some liquids and you’ll be fine.

Takaba: Ugh… why is Asami at the beachside in the middle of summer? It’s strange…

Asami: I own this hotel.

Takaba: … But I got the invitation from a girl in a bikini…Y… you tricked me?! Could it be?!

Asami: It’s not like I forced you. It was more fun than selling ice cream at the beach, wasn’t it?

(Takaba: He somehow knows every move I make… What the heck?)

Asami: It’s been a while since I was around here. My assistant told me to take a break…

Takaba: Is that right? Well that’s good. But I don’t have time to be hanging out with you for your destressing…drip… stare… gulp… clink… glance…

! …uh … can you please give me water the nomal way…? … …!! gulp

Asami: Do you want more? I’ll nurse you back to health…

Takaba: Don’t you mean you’ll make me feel worse?

(Ugh… this isn’t good… this is just like… he looks like he’s having fun…)

Asami: Here… it’s ice. It’s cold and it’ll feel good.

Takaba: Uh… slurp cold Nn… kiss… slurp… Nnn…

Asami: Swim trunks, huh… it smells like the ocean.

Takaba: Uwa!!

I…I’ve swimming in the ocean… and I was sweating… I’m dirty so stop it… Aaah…!

Th.. the fire… fireworks…! They’ve gone up…!

Asami: By now the beach is full of people… You’re lucky you get to from this private view.

(Takaba: It’s morning…

Asami sleeps beside me with a tired expression…

…I don’t know if he’s tired from work or because we did it so often last night…

But you came all the way to beach for this huh Asami?

I completely understand… in other words, you wanted to see me?

Caught you off guard! You’ll pay big-time for doing what you want with me!

I’ll punish you by making this my comp’s wallpapper! Take that!)

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