Vol 01 Ch 001: Love Prize

Vol 01 Ch 001: Love Prize

Takaba: Jackpot.

Kirishima: Mr. Asami, about the photographer incident yesterday… they’ve stopped it with the publishers, but it seems the police are now sniffing around the shop. The shop owner of  “shion” has been having his business transactions caught on camera.

What shall we do about it?

Asami: I’m sure I can persuade them with some pocket change. Leave the rest to me.

Kirishima: Yes, sir.

Asami: Hmm… Takaba Akihito? A young and promising free-lance photographer, huh?

He’s got a good viewpoint, but if he tries to ruin my image, I won’t let it go lighty. It seems some punishment is in order first…

Takaba: Ergh! W-who the hell are you guys!?

What do you think you’re doing!?

Asami: Takaba Akihito?

So you’re the one who’s been catching the scoop about the private Kirishima of congress at the Shinjuku club, Shion.

Takaba: Who… who are you…?

Asami: Trouble like that isn’t good for business. I have something I’d like to ask you.

Takaba: What do you want with me!? If you want the photos, they didn’t even come out well! I threw them out! Now lemme go!!

Asami: There’s nothing to be afraid of just answer my question like a good boy. I really want to know some more information. Won’t you tell me?

Takaba: I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…

And even it I did tell you, what do you plan on doing?

Takaba: Uph! Koff! Guffah!

Kirishima: Bad things happen to naughty boys. In this world, if you’re going to go sticking your nose in other people’s business, you’ll have to take care of yourself.

Takaba: …! …I already know that…

Kirishima: Damn punk… he’s an idiot to go running into the building. There’s nothing but the roof that way.

Takaba: …!

Kirishima: There’s nowhere to run to now. Caught like a rat in a trap.

Takaba: I’ve in worse situations than being chased by a bunch of old yakura.

Kirishima: !! Wha-!? He jumped off!

Asami: …!

Passers: Hey! There’s someone up there! Oh my god!

Asami: Hmph. Haha… Did you see that?

Kirishima: Uh… yes, sir. I can’t believe he jumped off at this height. I didn’t think he had it in him…

Takaba: I’m not kidding! I sprained my little finger when I jumped off!

Hey, Yama-san, who is that guy?

Yamazaki: There you do again, doing crazy things… but… that man might’ve been Asami.

Takaba: They chased me after me, you know! Isn’t it bad enough that they kicked me in the stomach!?

Yamazaki: That’s why I’ve been tellin’ ya’! Quit getting’ yourself involved in the drug scandals!

Takaba: Alright then, about Asami… he must be the one in charge of that drug scandal.

Yamazaki: Right. That’s what’s getting the guys in the department of security excited…

(Department of security = public safety division at police headquarters. Runs criminal investigations on illegal selling of drugs.)

Not that there’s anything a punk like you could do…

You’d best watch your back around Asami. Publically, he’s known as the manager of numerous high-class night clubs. But there’s also the rumor that beneath the surface, he’s an unstoppable drug dealer involved in smuggling. And the search and investigation on the “Shion” case was discontinued. Some necessary arrangments must’ve been made up top… yup. He’s one touch son of a bitch.

Takaba: Wow…

Yamazaki: What’s so amazing about it?

With the little experience you got, this one’s out of your league.

Takaba: If you keep doing the same things as everyone else you’ll never become a man. That’s what’s the senior cameraman told me.

Man, it’s hot… the 5th time I’ve been babysiting the problem child…

Takaba: Erk!

Kirishima: After further investigation, we discovered that…

Actions have concerning the drug dealings targeted at Ichiba island. There’s a strong possibility that some organizations are involved.

Alsom about the young punk, it seems he’s a friend of detective Yamazaki. It’s believed he hasn’t leaked any information to the police.

Asami: Understood. Right. I’ll handle the rest.

(Like a koma dancing on the go board * koma = special placing on the go board)

This should be fun. I think I’d like to play with him a bit more…

(Asami: It make my heart pound, like I was hunting a wild animal…)

Takaba: Phew…

(Yamazaki: Tonight, at the harbor warehouse, a large-scale drug deal is supposed to take place.)

Takaba: Maybe he sent me on a fool’s errand… !

(Takaba: It’s just one guy… It… it’s Asami…?)

Asami: Grin

Takaba: !?

Takaba: Ermph! …! …Un

Asami: Ah, so you’re awake. Takaba Akihito.

Takaba: A… Asami… !!

Wh-what is that!? Hey! What’s going on!?

Asami: I thought I’d grant you your wish. What a view…

Takaba: W-why are you doing this!? I’m a guy…! S-stop staring!

Asami: You look scared… You wanted to know more about me, right?

I’ll tell you, then. We have all the time in the world.

Takaba: Ngh!? Nn! Nn! (What is this!? This smell…)

Asami: How’s it feel?

You’ll start feeling good real soon.

Takaba: What… what was that …?

What… Nn! Ah… Ah! Why… (What’s happening? My heart … It’s going to beat out my chest!)

Asami: What’s this? You’re already hard.

Takaba: Ah! No…! Stop it! Don’t touch… it… Nn!…! Nn!

Asami: Little slut.

(Takaba: I feel so strange…)

Asami: Tsk tsk. You’re not cumming yet.

I bet you’ve teased down here hm?

Takaba:!! Aaaah! Uaah! Aah…

Asami: Crying already? Tug…

Takaba: Ah! …! No!

Asami: I’ll real good to you now.

You’re too cute. When I see a boy cheeky and week as you I can’t help but want to torture him…

Takaba: Nn! Uhn! Mm! Nn… Mph…

Asami: Squish… Squelch…

Takaba: Nn!! Nn!

Asami: This camera’s important to you isn’t it. You’re never without it.

(Takaba: Damn him…! If that bastard breaks my camera!)

Asami: This is just the big scoop you wanted right? Perhaps I’ll hand this camera in to the publishers you’re working with… or do you want me to return the film ro you?

Takaba: Give it… back… It has nothing to do with you anyway…

Asami: That’s true… Alright then. I’ll give it back to you.

Takaba: Aah! What–?…!

Asami: Shove… Nudge… Sploot…

Takaba: What are you doing!? Stop it–! KFF!

Asami: It swallowed it right up. How about one more?

Takaba: Ah.. KFF! Nn! Nn!… … You’re so cruel… How can you do this…? Ergh… Damn… you…

Asami: You really are adorable. Let’s have some fun now, shall we?

Takaba: !? Nn!

Asami: Yank

Takaba: Naah! Nn! Haa!

Asami: Come here. Let me hold you.

Takaba: Aaah!…Ah! Ah! Aah… Ah! …No… It hurts! No! Get it out…! …!

Asami: Take a look… Right to the hilt.

Takaba: No!… Moh! Aah!! Uwaah! It’s too thick! Nn! Asami! … Nn! Haa!

Asami: Akihito. Don’t forget this. The pain I give you. And the pleasure.

Takaba: Nn! Ah! N-No!… I… I’m going to… cum! …! Aaah!

(Asami: If you want to survive in this world, you’ll have to start wising up. Keep your eyes open to make out the real truth.

If you can’t, then you never know when you’ll fall into a dark hole again… )

Yamazaki: Get rid of police. They’re being a bother. But…

Man 1: The information transactions at this harbor were ruined by the trap Asani set. And if that kid’s been kidnapped, he might’ve been sold off to someone by now.

More importantly, the group might be found out if he squeals.

Yamazaki: It’s not a matter of getting found out or not Takaba doesn’t know anything

Come on now. You can trust me. I’ll be the one who fail if something goes wrong.

Man 1: If that damn Asami’s involved, we might have to relocate. It was a good move to use the kid.

I didn’t come here to gossip. The case of the break-in at Ichiba went well. Once you’ve passed on the goods, get the hell out of town.

Yamazaki: Erk! Who do think it is that let you do business in this town in the first place?

Takaba: Hey! That’s mine! Thank god it’s still here!

Yamazaki: Ta… Takaba… What are you doing here?

Takaba: What do you mean? I should be asking you the very same thing.

Yamazaki: Uh… well, you were missing for three days. I was worried…

Takaba: Oh, sorry about that. But, don’t worry. I’m still standing.

Yamazaki: Takaba… were you kidnapped by Asami–?

Takaba: Yama-san. I trust you. So I know that there’s nothing you can do about get yourself involved with that crowd. I won’t tell anyone okay?

I mean you’ve looked after me since I was a kid…

Yamazaki: Takaba… This isn’t a child’s game. I…

Takaba: Y… Yamasan…


Thadump … Thadump

Uph! (What… what happened?)

Asami: Even if you clean up the body, the police will start pointing fingers. I just bought out your little gang. It’s over.

(Takaba: It’s not rare for a detective to team up with the gangsters… It seem that detective was given a collateral rebate for using his positio and supporting the gang involved in the Ichiba break-in.

You were just being used…)

Takaba: I trust him… How could he…? Ruffle…!

Asami: … I don’t know whether or not he was really going to pull that trigger, but…

(Takaba: Hey!) well, I can see how it’d be hard on a kid…

Takaba: What the hell are you talking about? You also use people. I don’t exactly call it a “peaceful gesture” to shoot at a cop. And bout before! Don’t go thinking you can use me whenever you feel like it!

Asami! I’ll never forgive a bastard like you! And when I catch your ass, you’ll be dogfood!

Asami: I’ll be looking forward to it. Maybe I won’t mind being seen through your finder, after all…

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