Viewfinder Vol 00 Ch 001.1: Takaba’s Wonderful Day


Vol 00 Ch 001.1: Takaba’s Wonderful Day

The labor cameraman: Hey, Takaba. Hold the reflex panel a little higher!

Then we’ll start taking photos.

Takaba: Yes, yes.

The labor cameraman: Takaba, go grab another roll of film to replace this one!! And go make adjustments to finished film.

Hey! That not’s the film! What are you doing?! You can’t possibly be this bad!

(Takaba: Hehe…  Asami?)

Takaba: Geesh, sorry that bastard makes no sense.

Asami: Grin…

(Takaba: Wha… What’s up with that? What type of inspection is he doing?!

And even more, having such a shameless attitude!)

The labor cameraman: Hey! Hurry up!

Today is the worst day ever. It stared this morning…

Takaba: What..?

Edition: Please forgive me, Takaba-kun! Shinotake-san said he wanted to do the photo shoot with the politician no matter what… and he said I should give the better job to someone more experienced.

Takaba: Then, I’ll…

Edition: I’m really sorry! Give you another job this time… I’m sorry!

A veteran cameraman: Hahaha! You aren’t going to join us?

Isn’t it necessary for amateurs to practice and get better?

And isn’t it best to learn from a veteran, someone full of experience? Well, you should!

Then here, take this. It’s nice to meet you.

Takaba: … Hey!

And the job was suddenly taken from by another guy…

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, but we have an unexpected guest here today…

The politician asked me to cancel appointment he had with you today. Please accept my apologies.

But we’ve been waiting here for such a long time already!

Can’t he make time for us?

Another obstacle appears in my way and the plans are canceled

A veteran cameraman: Well, at least I got to visit him…

Not surprising at all. He hates too many people, and he doesn’t make appointments very easily, so it’s probably impossible for today…

Takaba: …

However, the one who appeared in my way was…

Takaba: !! A… Asami?! Then the unexpected visitor is… Asami?!

Hey! I was here before you! You bastard!

Kirishima: Y-You idiot!! Apologize right now!

Asami: …?

Kirishima: Please don’t get closer! This boy…

(Takaba: Great! And here I thought I was finally having some good luck, getting this job…

Dammit! He probably thinks I can’t get anywhere in this world! He’s horrible like that…

Trying to remember Shitake * Japanese mushroom)

A veretan cameraman: Takaba, I trust you’ll take care of packing the equipment?

Editor: What? After lunch? Oh, really? I have to invite Tabaka-kun to lunch…

Takaba: Ah!

Asami: Grab…

Takaba: Ah…

Editor: Takaba! Are you also coming to lunch?

Takaba: Ah, I’m fine!

Asami: …then, are you leaving with me? Wait here for just a moment.

(Takaba: What happened to Asami…? Why’s he being so nice?!)

Bantender: Here you are. Ice cream with honey and lavender.

(Takaba: Without realizing it, I ended up coming here with him…)

Takaba: A-Ahaha… I was beaten today…

I usually do my job better with more accuracy, but… My timing was probably a little off today…

That old man was my sensei, but he’s pretty harmless. My sensei’s workplace is really peaceful and enjoyable.

Asami: There’s no trouble if you can’t defeat an unbeatable opponent

As for me I simply erase the person in my way, but he always manages to reappear. Smirk

Takaba: Yeah, yeah. You’re probably right…

That’s what’s happening with us, huh?

(Takaba: Damn! This is stupid! I shouldn’t have to make excuses to this bastard. Now I’m pissed.)

Takaba: Next time, I won’t let him act as he likes. Absolutely not! Being defeat by an old guy like that?!

Asami: And yet you’re still eating stuff like this! You still have a long way to go. Brat!

Takaba: B-but you said I could order anything! really sweet ice cream

(Takaba: Again with always treating me like a child.

I’ll have to act like someone older.

And when I do, see if Asami is as “adult” as he seems to be. )

Takaba: Bartender, a whiskey and water for me also, please! On the rock!

(Takaba: Wha-what’s it taste like?)

Bantender: Hn.

(Takaba: He’s laughing at me…)

Takaba: Barkeeper! Another one!

Hey, Asami-sensei… do you think I’m inexperienced?

Are you ignoring me?

Asami: That’s enough. Just get into the car.

Takaba: I haven’t finished speaking yet…

One day I’ll become a famous journalist… And then I’ll be acting all adult – like you… You can laugh at me now, but…

Asami: Yes, yes, I get it. Now get in.

It’ impossible for you to be my drinking partner if you don’t how to drink. Go home and sleep. Brat.

Takaba: …Asami …why’d you invite me out today? Was it’s cause you felt sorry for me? Is that why you picked me up…

Asami: Because I wanted to see more of your “fight to the death” spirit.

Takaba: !…

Asami: The person that, while it seems he’ll be smashed by the gap between his ideals and the reality, struggles desperately to rise to a higher position. And alcohol just may be the perfect catalyst to bring him out, right?

Takaba: …! …I …I hate you so much…

You think you can just enjoy yourself whenever it’s convenient for you then leave me with just a “good-bye”?!

Asami: …what do you want me to do, then?

Takaba: …I want to know…what you think of me.

What the hell are you doing? Where am I?

Asami: What are you saying now at this late hour? Don’t you want to know what I think?

Takaba: What?! What the hell are you talking about?! Shit!

Ah! What are you doing?!

Asami: …You don’t remember?

Takaba: You got me drunk! What were you trying to do?

Asami: You got drunk on your own. You were the who offered yourself to me. And now, since you’re awake, move your ass!

Takaba: Aah!

(Takaba: He beat me again…)

Asami: Even if you do not wish to live in luxury, there are more comfortable ways of living… such as letting me support you. How about I buy you an apartment?

Takaba: A-apartment?! This is nonsense!! What are you talking about?!

I’m leaving! You’re telling me to become your lover?!

Even now you’re being stupid! I’m going to get to the top, and then I’ll the one support you!!

(Asami: If you keep acting like that, it’ll never happen.)

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